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The Impact of Patent Nr. EP2219162

The global players, Google, Amazon, Alibaba and are working on mobile shopping systems and advertising for years. Patent Nr. EP2219162 was granted in June 15, 2017 without any oposition raised, it covers any development of the global players in Europe and gives you the chance to control this new market.

M-commerce will replace E-Commerce. For the tech giant Google, its shopping service is important in helping to win back product searches from Amazon and to stay relevant in the voice-powered future of e-commerce.
Prof. John Zhang, Wharton School of Business, in CNN money, NY , May 10th 2018)

What is it?

The invention / patent EP2219162 relates to a system and method for finding a desired object
(product, person, service, information, personalized advertising) tailored to the interests and user defined data profiles of a user of a mobile electronic device (Smartphone, Tablet e.g.) by connecting a mobile electronic device with an electronic output device (Flat screen, Loudspeaker e.g.) within a predetermined active zone or within a maximum distance from each other.

(Concept development: 1997 – 2007, Patent application: February 13, 2009, Patent issue: September 15, 2016, Deadline for filing a notice of opposition: June 15, 2017 (no objections raised)

M-commerce will lead to mobile electronic devices Smart Connected to flat screens in stores and on Digital Signage OOH screens. The companies like Google or other players in the market such as Amazon,, Alibaba will have a huge market advantage in signing the 2219162 patent license.
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